Here is the downloadable code/data (ground-truth masks, registrations, scans and scripts). By downloading the code/data you agree to the license terms.
The data is made available for research purposes. If you are unsure whether your use counts as non-commercial please contact before downloading the code/data.


The data to download is organized in multiple files:
- contains python scripts for loading registrations and saving them to disk as obj files, and for parsing ground-truth masks. It also contains a subjects_and_sequences.txt file specifying subject ids, and sequences per subject, provided by the dataset.
- masks.tar.xz: contains ground-truth masks specifying, for each scan vertex, if it is accurately registered or not (according to our Evaluation, see paper). See scripts/ for sample code parsing these files.
- registrations_{m,f}.hdf5: contains the registrations for the male (m) and female (f) subjects. See scripts/ for sample code parsing these files. See scripts/subjects_and_sequences.txt to know the gender of each subject.
- 50*tar.xz: contains the scans as ply files. We split the data into 10 files (one per subject) to simplify download.

  Ground-truth Masks


 Scripts to Load/Parse the Data

 Scan Data 10 tar.xz files containing the scans (subdivided per subject)